"24/24", is a 0.45m/0.84m computer print. The Print contains a 35 mm filmstrip of a total of 24 seconds in length, chopped in 24 parts of equal length. Each strip has the length of 24 frames i.e. one second. The images in the frames are super8 stills that are representatives for 24 still shots in a film. The stills tell a simple linear story. The frames are arranged vertically in each filmstrip. Theoretically this on-going 35mm filmstrip contains 24 still shots, each a second long. If they were spliced together and would run through a projector, none of the 24 still shots would be visible - only flickering would be seen. One element, the red ball, starts to make its own way out of the restricted frame. It is suggesting its own journey through the landscape of images, breaking the boundary and limitation of film that come with its basic principle of working. The connection between the recording and the projection. That the production of an image on the screen always means the loss of the single frames that create them. The absent present of single frame. This I found especially interesting in connection with the still shots in film, since to create them lots of identical frames must run through the projector i.e. must have been recorded. The fact that a film recording is always linear and so is the projection. This linearity means a lack of interactivity for the viewer. I was interested in creating the possibility of nonlinearity within film, both film as a recording medium and in the film’s story.