Nice view!

This site specific installation shows the view out of the artist’s studio in Gausstrasse Hamburg. The old factory windows have been covered with clear display film, on which the previously photographed view out of the window was printed. The printed film shows what the world was like at a certain point in time. At the beginning of the installation the viewer was able to match the printed version of the view with the real view out of the window. One had to position oneself exactly in the place where the photograph was taken, finding the right spot, the right distance, angle and height to make the real and the translucent photographed view match. After a while the real view was changing. The seasons changed from summer to fall where the outside trees lost their leaves but the printed ones didn’t. The winter covered everything in snow. Trees started growing bigger than on the mounted prints. After a while the landscape behind the window changed rapidly, it became a construction site. The diggers came, the old factory halls were taken down. It ended up being a big sandpit. Much later the printed version of the former view also started to change. The colours faded and the film slowly started to wrinkle at the edges…


Window, displayfilm, transparent adhesive tape.